Rock / Progressive Rock / Fusion

With the experience gained from their previous two albums AISLES are a talented and growing band working on a third studio album. AISLES play an interesting fusion of rock, prog, jazz and new age amongst other styles, which illustrate the band's liberal and eclectic music vision. The band formed in 2001 playing locally, rehearsing and experimenting with the fusion of various genres.
In 2003 the band began work on their demo. Their goal was to travel with the demo to Europe in search of backing to produce and publish their music. Having achieved such a high quality of sound, they decided to use it as their first album.
In 2005 "The Yearning" was born, and was consequently published and distributed in Europe, the United States and Japan. Rave reviews appeared worldwide highlighting the sensitivity and originality of their music and AISLES realised that it was necessary to focus their efforts on Europe in order to be able to reach their artistic potential.
In 2007 the seeds of the album "In Sudden Walks" were sown. Production lasted over a year, a result of the collaboration of talented individuals including the best technicians, gifted musicians and a few selected guest artists. "In Sudden Walks" was mixed and sent for mastering to Gateway Mastering Studios, one of the most acclaimed mastering studios in the world. The quality of both the music and the production of "In Sudden Walks" once again caught the attention of the music press. AISLES were nominated for the Prog Awards (Italy) in the Best Foreign Record category, a remarkable achievement given the strong history of Italy's progressive music scene. In addition, AISLES were invited to France to open the 11th Progressive Rock Festival CRESCENDO in August 2009, and were a huge hit with the audience, confirming their place on the international music scene.
In 2011 AISLES is signed to Melodic Revolution Records for the band's 3rd release and reissue of their previous efforts, thus AISLES' story continues, with two albums and a growing following from around the world. With ideas flowing abundantly and work on a 3rd studio album already in progress you can expect to hear much more from AISLES. .

Info del grupo:
Estilo Musical: Rock / Progressive Rock / Fusion
País: Chile, Region Metropolitana
Localidad: Santiago
Año de Creación: 2001
Integrantes: 7


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