Grupo Karetas

Grupo Karetas


Grupo Karetas, created as a band of ball, and named Os Caretas, changed its denomination to "Group" when started playing a lot of reggae themes in its repertory, coming so to be the first band to play reggae in the majority of its performance program in Brasil! It was in 1981! The composition of the band was: Saulo Douglas(lead vocal), Inaldo Negron(guitar), Lulu Karetas(keyboard), Daniel Karetas(bass) and Gilmar Pingo(drums)! In February of 1982, they recorded theyr first Single Compact, with two songs, one by side, with the hit Vento Norte at side A becoming to be one of the most played songs by the radios of North and Northeast of Brasil! And it's been still played very often nowadays!! In 1983 they released their first LP, as well the first one of reggae to be recorded in Brasil: Fogo Na Terra, with a mix of root and afro reggae!!
In 1985 the band lead vocal and composer Saulo Douglas left the group and started a solo career with an LP recorded by EMI Odeon; at that time, the reggae in that country was not a good option for a singer to earn good money and in the year of 1987 Saulo was invited by the rest of the group to record theyr new LP, so that the band became complete again with the original team!
But, in May of 1989, the group had an invitation to spend a summer season in the island of Gran Canaria, Spain, and, as the other components didn't want to do it, Saulo decided to form a new band for taking the chance to move and show his reggae abroad; and Inaldo came with him, for six months contract in the Canary Islands, where both players live until nowadays!!
But in the month of May this year(2014) Saulo Douglas is turning back to Recife and, together with his brother Lulu, will return the Grupo Karetas into activity again, by recording a new CD, DVD and performing several concerts at the city of Recife and around!!

Info del grupo:
Estilo Musical: Reggae
País: Brasil, Pernambuco
Localidad: Recife
Año de Creación: 1981
Integrantes: 6


Bob Marley; Gilberto Gil; Jimmy Cliff; Djavan Caetano; Alpha Blondie; Steel Pulse; Gregory Isaacs; Bunny Wayler;