We are a music company, in which we are offer you our musical band, in order to bring you, and your valued customers and guests, entertainment of the highest quality and a healthy environment.

We are sure that you are interested in making your, party, event, your bar, club or hotel, an special place!! With exotic and unique show, with the participation of a 100% Cuban flavor!!

With over 10 years of existence, "LUNA NEGRA BAND" has worked in different countries.
It’s extremely high levels of musicianship and performance led to the band being recognized internationally, Including, Spain, Italy, Venezuela and Cuba.

In addition to being two years in Beijing (China), and The last 5 years, since 2010, were spent performing , in the SAIGON SAIGON Bar, rooftop of the Caravelle Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, (one of the most iconic, popular and famous bars of Saigon) building a healthy fan base and settle in the forefront of public of Vietnamese and foreigner living and visiting in Saigon.
After finish at CARAVELLE HOTEL, Our band has performed in the most famous venues in the country.
The most popular clubs, discos, restaurants, and hotels, have seen our shows.

The six-member team, including professionals singers and musicians, will take your stage, and will make your event a success, enlivening your public events, your private party, your wedding or just if you want to make a space for Latin music in your club, bar , hotel, or restaurant ...

We have for you, the best varied repertoire of dance music, for all musical tastes of your guests.
In our show can enjoy a great night dedicated to Latin music: the best of salsa, cha cha cha, merengue and bachata.

Music and dance lovers can expect a show, with the entertainment factor boosted by the Band's focus on the Violin, and its energetic dance routines.

We work every day for you and your customers, spend a fun and enjoyable time in the great environment we live every day to participate in our show.

Honesty, prestige, trust, reliability and professionalism, are just some of the characteristics that distinguish us.

We invite you to see our updated pictures, and different live show …
Here you can see, a synthesis the work we do, and the interaction with the public.
You will see how the customers also have fun and spend some good time in the place, at the same time that they enjoying the bar and offers that the place offered.

Luna Negra Band will takes the party to new heights at you place. Get ready for an inspiring show?? as we bring to you amazing parties and fantastic dance workshops!
An entertainment phenomenon!!

Info del grupo:
Estilo Musical: LATINO, MIX, TOP 40,
País: Cuba, La Habana
Año de Creación: 2000
Integrantes: 6


Experience / CV, / Work record
Brief Introduction of the Band "Luna Negra"

Luna Negra, musical group is born October 25, 1999 in the city of Matanzas, Cuba, with the idea of ​​fusing different genres of music. The son, salsa, bachata, merengue, Latin pop, are incorporated into a new way of conceiving the latest music.

Initially classified by international critics and fans of the old trova and renewal of the classic Cuban son, the first album from LUNA NEGRA, "PINTANDO MARAVILLAS"(painted wonderfully,)" was released in 2000 under the label EMI Odeon in Spain.

It showed the world at the time, 7 musicians willing to submit to all, Cuban music, now with another innovative approach.

This distinguished Cuban son and still does, for the good arrangements, original songs, where texts have remarkable poetic flourishes and highlights the violin as an instrument transformer Cuban essence, introducing timbral movement and country music.
It is the first "THE YOUNG IS" EMI_Capitol recording project of Spain, made in 2000 in order to introduce the world to a different musical stream.

After a hard commercial work, previously done in Italy, participating in the Festival Cubarriba, then in Spain, visiting cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands and then to Venezuela in its promotional tour in different states in 2003 suggest his second recording project: "LUNA NEGRA" with the Cuban record label EGREM.

This, in particular previous musical interests, but with a more current sound, young and fresh, with a stroll through the Caribbean, alternating Cuban son with Dominican merengue, the Guaracha with Bradley and Brazilian Batucada, keeping the sound of electric violin, played by Alayna Chavez, director.

His second album, we brought a compact band, full of ideas and brimming with talent, attributes that served him the most difficult to open doors.
In 2005 the group part of an extensive tour of China, which extends for 2 years doing multiple presentations with a critique worthy of highlight.
On his return to Cuba, LUNA NEGRA settles a bit on a national scale, appearing in the most famous stages around the country. Participating as a guest on major national events such as festivals and galas Cubadisco anniversaries of his record label EGREM. As special guests of the major television and giving interviews on national radio stations.

In 2010 split again into Asia, this time to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, where it is today.

Now they are working in tandem, in his new musical production. And that is the new face of Luna Negra includes everything from merengue to Caribbean rhythms as the salsa.

"LUNA NEGRA", a real feast for the dancer or listener, who may even fall in love with texts, most with a poetic worth highlighting.