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Lisa, cantante inglesa profesional, una bestia de escenario que tiene una voz mas potente que los cañones de navarone , Christian Lehane, bateria Belga muchas horas de vuelo hay que ver los callos en su manos de tocar rock toda su vida,demasiado cosas que contar, vamos adelante... Juanma, español de elche, ex bajista del grupo miranda warning , Josue Garcia Lopez de Elche, Músico, guitarrista, arreglista, intérprete, técnico de sonido y compositor, con una extensa trayectoria musical. Comenzó a tocar la guitarra desde muy pequeño teniendo varios profesores particulares, uno de ellos, el más especial, Pedro Pablo, un chileno amigo de su hermano Esteban, buen músico y mejor persona. Ha trabajado como profesor de guitarra y tocado en diversos grupos de diferentes estilos, (pop, rock, indie, garaje, hard rock…). Grupos como Cool cherry ,Goody Alien, Greenfish, The Jackets, Minardis y Miranda Warning le avalan., Buenissimos y versatil... Nicolas, de san pedro del pinatar, teclista,y pianista de talento, ganador de varias premio de piano.
The "Singsongs are an energetic rock band, full of vitality and power. The band is made up of 5 long-serving musicians covering all genres of rock music; including Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin Tina Turner, U2, Pink, Queen and more recent artist such as Greenday, Muse, Katy Perry and The White Stripes.

The current line-up has been playing together for just over one year now and is fast becoming a popular name nationally, with their album due for release soon.

LISA: Lisa is the vocalist and has been singing for as long as she can remember; her rock career began here in Spain following a chance meeting with Christian (drummer) some 6 years ago. Lisa and Christian played together in "Acme" before deciding to upgrade the band, when it became the current line-up and became known as The "Singsongs". Previously Lisa was lead vocalist in numerous nationally acclaimed bands throughput the UK, and during the 90´s appeared with AC/DC, Simply Red and Meat Loaf, to name but a few.

CHRISTIAN: Christian is the veteran of the "Singsongs" and also the founder member, forming the group just over 6 years ago. (Under the previous name of "Acme"). Christian was born in to a family of musicians and began to play percussion and drums from a very early age, in his home country of Belgium, where he appeared in a variety of bands - since his arrival in Spain 10 years ago he has become a well known name on the circuit, playing with bands such as; Deep Blue, ACME , S.O.S Groove and Solo Mac and also with the internationally acclaimed recording artists Solo Mac (Spain) , Polychrome and Mystery train (Belgium), Steevy ( France) and Surferosa of Norway.

JOSUE: Josue became a welcome part of the "Singsongs just over a year ago alongside his partner in crime Juanma (bassist). The pair has played together over the past 8 years in bands such as Cool cherry, Goody Alien, Greenfish, B4, The Jackets, Minardis and the nationally acclaimed recording Band “Miranda Warning”. Hailing from Spain, Josue, his nimble fingers and expertise have added a fantastic dimension to this group.

JUANMA: Juanma has played bass since his early teens and began his rock career with the group known as Narcolepsia, Amalgama , etc… , having played alongside Josue for many years now in bands nationally throughout Spain, such as; Miranda warning . Juanma has added a spark to the "Singsongs" which it previously lacked with his natural rock spirit and style.

NICO: Nicholas is the youngest and newest member of the "Singsongs", after the band decided a keyboard would enhance their musical style. Nicholas, classically trained at the National academy Moldavia following which he began his rock career`playing with the nationally acclaimed recording Band Millenium also in the Moldavia .

The "Singsongs" are a band that pride themselves on playing for the people.... HAVE FUN!

Info del grupo:
Estilo Musical: ROCK
País: España, Comunidad Valenciana
Localidad: torrevieja
Año de Creación: 2002
Integrantes: 5


Deep purple, Led zepelin, rolling stones, blondie, suzy quatro, doors, tina turner,queen,brian adams,pink,amy whitehouse,cathy perry, doors,bon jovi,police,U2,green day,etc...